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    Lara Fabian -Je suis malade


    par Audrey

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    Klong Hopper
    Does anyone know when Lara first sang Je Suis Malade.
    She has perfected her performance over the years, but it looks like there wasn't much to perfect.
    The best package (writer, composer, singer, performer, humanitarian) I have experienced in a long lifetime. And oh BTW, she only becomes more beautiful as she grows older.
    Sony does a miserable job of marketing her in the US or she would be extremely popular here. I thank Bill G, (Microsoft), the designers at Macromedia, the creators of sites like DailyMotion and YouTube, et al for creating a visual platform within which her early works can be shared with all the countries of the world; even those that close out foreign performers who don't dance by their drum.
    Thank-you Daily Motion
    And, thank-you Lara for adding beauty and emotion to our planet through your words, sounds, deeds, and example.
    Par Klong HopperIl y a 9 ans
    Michael Preußer
    Lara Fabian war schon immer wundervoll in ihrem Gesang und ihrem Auftritt. Ich bin wieder überwätigt von ihr!!!!!
    Par Michael PreußerIl y a 9 ans