Demonstration against Captivity of Cetaceans

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door Ron

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Demonstration against captivity on June 28th, in Brussels. with Ric O Barry

We do not want better living conditons for cetaceans. We want freedom for them! We demand the shutting down od the Bruges delphinarium and all other dolphinarium in Europe such as Loro Parque in Tenerif, Kölmarden in Sweden, the Marineland of Antibes and the Park Astérix in France and theHardewijck dolphinarium in the Nederlands.
The European Council Directive 1999/22/EC on the keeping of wild animals in zoos requires that animals must be kept in conditions that meet their biological and conservation requirements. Yet in the case of cetaceans, it is impossible for these requirements to be met in captivity. Because no tanks, no lagoons as big as they can be, could ever replace the freedom of swimming in the immensity of the ocean.
We urge the EU to strictly apply what is stated in the Council Directive through its national law. We also ask the EU to ban the captivity of cetaceans (dolphins, belugas, orcas, etc.). We demand the shutting down of all dolphinarium in the EU and that dolphins, born free or captive, integrate marine sanctuaries or, when possible, that dolphins join rehabilitation programs.

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