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    Le meilleur de #MOE Episode 1


    par TV5MONDE

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    Le meilleur de #MOE (épisode 1) permet de (re)découvrir les moments forts de "Maghreb-Orient Express", l'émission des (r)évolutions de TV5MONDE. Chaque semaine, le journaliste Mohamed Kaci reçoit les personnalités incontournables en Méditerranée.
    Par ordre d'apparition : le chorégraphe Alexandre Paulikevitch, l'écrivaine Joumana Haddad, la doctorante en sociologie Zahra Ali et la journaliste Nina Hubinet.

    Maghreb-OrientExpress (#MOE), presented by the journalist Mohamed Kaci on TV5MONDE, the first French-language international television channel. Each week, the Maghreb-Orient Express editorial team bring you the latest news from the Arab world : Maghreb, Mashreq and the Gulf countries. The talk-show with reports on civil society and guests from the Mediterranean region was set up on february 2011, a few weeks after the beginning of the "Arab Spring". #MOE was shot twice in Tunisia before and after the first truly free vote in the history (october 2011), Egypt (september 2011) and Algeria (july 2012). The talk-show in french is sometimes subtitled in arabic.

    Host : Mohamed Kaci
    Editor in chief : Xavier Marquet

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