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    Tortured Dog Inspires a New Texas Charity

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    Last year, a tortured dog named Hope was found on a pasture in Texas. Luckily she survived and her new owners have crated a charity organization in her honor.

    Some dogs start their life wonderfully with a great family. Other canines don’t have such good luck.

    Hope is one of them. Last year she was found on a pasture in Texas - her muzzle was taped shut and she had been stabbed numerous times and left on the property to die.

    Fortunately, she was abandoned on land belonging to Charlie and Kit Moncrief. The couple absolutely loves dogs and decided to not only rescue Hope, but keep her and give the once-tortured dog a brand new life.

    A year after Hope’s traumatic experience, she is trusting and deservingly happy. As part of Kit Moncrief’s dedication and love for the dog, she has recently established a charity called the Saving Hope Foundation.

    The organization is focused on animal neglect, abuse and over population. It also aims to help those with economic hardships.

    The charity will soon be hosting its first adoption event.

    A spokesperson for the foundation stated “Hope is a voice for other ‘Hopes.' She gets the word out that other dogs need a loving home.”