CGR Undertow - CARTOON NETWORK BLOCK PARTY review for Game Boy Advance

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Cartoon Network: Block Party review. Shop CGR shirts & mugs! Classic Game Room presents a CGR Undertow review of Cartoon Network: Block Party for the Game Boy Advance developed and published by Majesco. Cartoon Network: Block Party is a party game featuring characters from popular Cartoon Network animated series. Six characters are playable, from Johnny Bravo to Courage the Cowardly Dog, in this comfortingly familiar minigame collection. Each game board is also based on a cartoon. Roll the dice and compete in minigames to reach the objective before your opponents! You might have to collect money, spiders or even pork butts to win the game. Why pork butts? Why not?! Johnny Bravo, Courage, Eddy, Cow and Chicken are all here, waiting to duke it out in minigames. Well, not exactly—the minigames are kind of single-player. But Cartoon Network: Block Party does have a single-system multiplayer mode, which is a nice addition. This video review features video gameplay footage of Cartoon Network: Block Party for the Game Boy Advance and audio commentary from Classic Game Room's Derek.