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    Miley Cyrus vs Justin Bieber - Who is More Popular?


    by ClevverTV

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    Miley versus Justin -- who is more popular?? Oh isn't that the question of the day... or the year. Both of these musicians have strong fanbases, and while they may have started out with younger fans, they've both transitioned into mainstream media followings.
    But since both of these stars want it to be about the music, let's look at the latest VEVO numbers. It looks like Miley just broke the record as previously held by Justin. Her music video for We Can't Stop grabbed more video views in 24 hours than JB's Beauty and the Beat featuring Nicki Minaj. We Can't Stopped grabbed an impressive 10.7 million views while Beauty and the Beat got 10.6 million views. Congrats to both artists because those numbers are amazing. So in a quest to figure out who is more popular of the popular, if you look at Twitter, MC's got 12.3 million followers and JB's got a lot more at almost 41 million followers... but according to some research via Status People, it looks like 20-percent of the Cyrus clan is fake and 30-percent of Beliebers are fake... apparently a result of 10-percent fake followers is "normal." So it still looks like Justin wins on that front. And if we want to compare Facebook, which Miley has gone on the record to say that she does not update herself, Miley has 26-million likes and Justin has 54-million likes. But again, do you think the social media numbers are more important in determining who is more popular OR is it about the music views?? Decide who gets your vote for being more popular by posting a comment below, and subscribe to ClevverTV right now for more entertainment news stories just like this one. I'm Dana Ward -- thanks for checking out the show.

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