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    Ganta Toke Dilam- Music Video[HD] by Argha Banerjee

    Argha Banerjee

    by Argha Banerjee

    Please watch in 360p or above.
    "Ganta toke dilam" is a dedication to the city of Kolkata that keeps moving on it's own in spite of being witness to so many relationships and break ups. Some find their true love, some lose them and regret later on, some find their way back onto the right track and some remain confused forever...
    "Ganta toke dilam" is made from two of those incidents happening around the city of joy, for the city of joy...
    GTD is a salutation to the spirit of this city...
    Cast: Argha Banerjee
    Debabrata Pandit
    Amrita Ghosh
    Samitendra Ghosh
    Debayan Chakraborty
    Debargha Bhattacharya
    Dona Dey
    Mohona Chakraborty
    Moumita Chakraborty
    Sourav Kar Gupta
    Arghya Saha
    Composition: Arrangement,Vocals,Direction,Editing: Argha Banerjee
    Camera: Dona Dey, Debabrata Pandit, Argha Banerjee,Ravi Kumar
    Recorded by: Samriddhi Mukherjee
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