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    High-Speed Slow Motion Reel (Redlake N3) - Adam Shomsky



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    Adam is a hella talented slow motion videographer. If you want to check out his videos or find out more about the Redlake N3 he is selling, then go check out or

    Info on camera:
    Adam Shomsky- "My Redlake N3 high speed camera is for sale! I will be listing it on eBay on July 4 for a 10-day auction that will end on Sunday, July 14. The starting price will be $5,000.

    The specs can be found here:
    N3 Brochure:
    In-depth Motion Studio tutorial

    Resolution_____Max frame rate___Max frame rate (plus mode*)
    1280x1024_____1,040 fps_______2,080 fps
    1280x720______1,472 fps_______2,944 fps
    1280x512______2,080 fps_______4,160 fps
    1280x384______2,770 fps_______5,540 fps
    1280x256______4,160 fps_______8,320 fps
    1280x128______8,290 fps_______16,580 fps
    1280x64_______16,400 fps______32,800 fps
    1280x32_______32,200 fps______64,400 fps
    1280x16_______64,300 fps______124,600 fps
    * Plus mode records every second row of pixels, halving the vertical resolution while maintaining the same aspect ratio.

    On-board storage space:
    Compression__Resolution____Frames_____Fr­­ames(plus mode*)

    IDT (the distributor) does not provide pricing information publicly any more, but last time they did was in 2010 and this camera was priced at $30,000 at that time. See the "base price" tab on this page:
    This exact model is no longer available from IDT.

    Lens mount
    The camera takes C-mount lenses, but I will provide a C-mount to Canon EF lens converter and C-mount to Nikon converter so you can use Canon EF, EF-S, or Nikkor DSLR lenses with it. If you will use C-mount lenses make sure they are 1" format because the sensor is quite large and smaller-format lenses can cause vignetting. You can also use other types of lenses as long as there is a C-mount adapter for that type. The 35mm cropping factor of the sensor is roughly 2x, so a 50mm lens will look more like 100mm, etc. The sensor size is 15.4 x 12.3mm.

    Please see this video for an overview of the workflow to use this camera. It is not a normal consumer camera. Before I ever considered selling the camera I made this video to highlight the amount of work I put into my youtube videos, it so it is 100% honest.

    Here's a manual for how to use the Motion Studio software that controls the camera:
    It's not as complicated as it looks and you don't even need to worry about most of the stuff the software does. Motion Studio is available for Windows or Mac.

    Batteries with 4-pin XLR connections

    Thanks to Mononome for the music in this video. The song is called Fools Rush In."


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