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    Robber Leaves Behind Birth Certificate and Letter From Mom

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    One alleged thief gave Boston Police authorities a very easy job. He reportedly left behind his birth certificate along with a personal letter after fleeing the scene with the victim's wallet.

    There’s no room for absent minded mistakes when it comes to criminal acts. One alleged crook made things for Boston Police too easy.

    A woman in Dorchester reported that a man had stolen her wallet. She claimed the male had followed her onto the property of a local middle school.

    He quickly snatched the clutch from her grasp, but in order to carry out the abrupt maneuver, the suspect had to drop the two bags he was already holding, which contained some of his own belongings. He left the scene on foot holding the wallet which contained about $40 in cash, leaving behind his sacks of goods.

    According to police, the bags contained sneakers, hygiene products and clothing. But on top of the basic, unidentifiable daily essentials, a birth certificate along with a letter from a man’s mother was found in the bags.

    Basically, cops had no trouble locating him. Although Tentoni gave police a fake name and incorrect age when confronted, the female victim confirmed he was the culprit. And Tentoni was arrested.