Dwayne Johnson's Incredible Daily Meal Plan

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Dwayne Johnson recently released his extensive diet plans for his role in the upcoming film Hercules. He posted the insane 22-week diet online, sharing with his Twitter followers.

Dwayne Johnson, also known as ‘The Rock’ is a super-successful wrestler and actor. Not surprisingly, he has to maintain a pretty rigorous exercise and diet regiment.

He recently released his extensive meal plans for his role in the upcoming film Hercules.

Johnson will be consuming seven meals a day plus a shake. The first one is a 10 ounce steak filet with 5 ounces of oatmeal and four egg whites.

Meal number 2 consists of eight ounces of chicken along with broccoli and rice. Next up is eight ounces of halibut with two cups of rice and a little asparagus.

Meal 4 comprises of eight ounces of chicken, a 12-ounce baked potatoe and more broccoli. Probably getting closer to dinner, the number 5 plate is filled with an eight ounce cut of halibut with rice and asparagus.

The second last meal has a steak filet, baked potato and salad. The seventh meal of the day includes 10 scrambled eggs whites with peppers, mushrooms, onions and thirty grams of casein protein.


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