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    Wrapping of muscles over the bones

    Badjaw maronok

    by Badjaw maronok

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    hey Issawi, ask a doctor or a scientist about this fact, don't reply from your imagination!!
    By MADO2987 years ago
    Al Isawi weld AlIssawiya

    2 idiot comments! this guys have no brains at all. they don't see the fact: if the muscles begin before the bones, the baby will looklike a soccer ball inside the womb of his mother.

    even if you are not fluent in Embryology, you still can use little bit mechanic to know that without bones, the baby will take soccer ball shape.

    unfortunatly, you are brainless in everything but you are good in having filthy mouths.
    Al Isawi weld AlIssawiya
    2 idiots ont commente. qu'est se que vous croyez? les muscles avant les Oses!!! sa va donner un bebe plastic.

    l'ignorance insulte l'ignorant plus que se que peut faire son enemy :)
    Philippe Panzini
    By Philippe Panzini9 years ago