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    Dark Skinned Girls Spoken Word Poem

    Kamal Kamal Imani

    by Kamal Kamal Imani

    Black like Alec Wek
    Exotic like Grace Jones
    Ethereal like African Ancestral Slave Bones
    Like Maat on her throne
    When you was little they used to laugh at your skin tone
    But I begged their pardons and scooped you up like chocolate ice cream from Baskin Robbins
    So Im fortunate to have you girl
    And I love to come into your black world
    Your black hole of soul
    To ascend with you to heaven is my ultimate goal
    I love the way we unfold through life
    The way in the midst of hell
    You create a paradise
    They all said you was mean, but I knew Id fine the nice
    Brown sugar and jerk spice
    You my dumplins on my beans and rice
    For you Ill make that sacrifice
    Lets chill
    Lets settle down
    We dont have to go mainstream we can keep it underground
    Its up to you
    You're my heaven
    I love you
    Ms. Melanin!

    You're my buga bu
    My champion without competition
    Victorious without an opponent
    You're the top muse on the catwalk that I come out for my standing ovation too
    You're the president of my corporation the queen of my projects
    The sister soldier of sex
    You're my wifey like next
    You're my ideal
    For you Ill keep it real
    Ill be your baby face cause you got that whip appeal
    You're my sugarpuss
    My honeysuckle
    My gingerspice
    My hot sauce on those beans and rice
    You're my first love cause I forgot all the rest
    You're my lady and my babysister you're the best
    You're my staunch defender, you always got my back
    And baby you got back!
    You taste like beef ribs
    You taste like beef ribs with hot sauce
    And you paid the cost to be the boss
    But well share this throne
    I love the way you make my shower sing and my bed moan
    And you don't have to worry
    I'll never leave you alone
    You're my best friend to the end
    I love you!

    © Kamal Imani
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