Ukai (鵜飼い): Traditional Cormorant Fishing on the Uji River!

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Today, I went some friends to the Uji River, to watch the annual summer cormorant fishing, Ukai in Japanese. The boats are moored along side the embankment and the show is soon to start. It starts at 19.00pm and last a little over 1 hour. There was a cool breeze and a quiet peaceful atmosphere. Tickets are 1800 ¥ for adults.
You can climb aboard a barge, row out and experience one of the traditions that dates back to the Heian Period. Namely, catching fresh water trout using cormorant birds. The season runs from the mid-June to mid-September. In the heat of the Kyoto evening, if you ride a boat, the cool breeze of the river is pleasant, and the torchlight flickering over the boat and cormorant fisherman creates a magical atmosphere impossible to forget.

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