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    Woman Charged With Felony After Throwing Dog Feces at Neighbor

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    A Texas woman, 46-year-old Rebecca Trammell has been charged with a second degree felony of aggravated assault. She allegedly threw dog feces at her neighbor.

    Not all dog owners pick up after their dogs. But there's not much bystanders can do about it - at least not without repercussions.

    46-year-old Rebecca Trammell from Texas has been charged with a second degree felony of aggravated assault for throwing dog feces at her neighbor.

    The bizarre incident unfolded at a dog park in Trammell’s apartment complex. According to legal documents, the suspect picked up some left behind dog remnants and threw it at the male canine owner.

    She then lifted up a large, sharp rock and tossed it towards the dog's owner but thankfully she missed him by several inches. Apparently Trammell wasn’t satisfied and she finished off the attack by spitting in the man’s face.

    After the initial assault, Trammell allegedly attacked another neighbor, whose pooch wasn’t on a leash. She injured that victim by cutting his hand.

    Trammell reportedly told police she was sick and tired of people not properly cleaning up after their dogs.