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    Nearly Two Dozen Boy Scouts Hospitalized After Lightning Strike

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    A huge lightning strike from a thunderstorm recently hit New Hampshire affecting Camp Bell on the Griswold Scout Reservation located in Gilmanton. 23 Boy Scouts were hospitalized as a result.

    During a thunderstorm, it can be easy to forget how dangerous lightning can be.

    More than 20 Boy Scouts have been hospitalized after lightning hit their camp on the Griswold Scout Reservation located in Gilmanton.

    No one seemed to be directly struck by lightning, but shortly after the brunt of the storm, some of the scouts began complaining of feeling burning sensations on their bodies. In total, 23 boys, aged 12 and over were sent to the hospital.

    Apparently they had all taken cover under a canopy during the storm. Six of them encountered chest burns and were scheduled to undergo heart monitoring as a precautionary measure.

    A local fire chief stated “At some point in time, the lightning either struck nearby or struck the shelter they were under or a tree or something and traveled through into the meadow." 13 ambulances, some from other towns were required for the numerous trips required due to the abundance of patients.

    None of the injuries were life-threatening.