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    Hessle Road - Dave Williams


    by TAIT1

    A "local song" for "local people"!!

    Once the epicentre of Hulls' fishing industry, Hessle Road is where I started out as a singer with a band over thirty years ago, working at many of the areas' numerous pubs and clubs. I wish I had a pound for everytime we'd performed this in Rayners pub, where we had a lengthy residency.

    The song was written, and originally recorded by Pete Smith, and takes an affectionate look back at one of Hulls' most well known districts.

    The music in this version was created by me using my Yamaha PSR e413 keyboard.



    Hessle Road, Hessle Road, I am proud of Hessle Road.
    When folks ask where I come from, my head it is not bowed.
    I say I come from good old Hessle Road.

    I miss the bonfires in the street. I even miss the bullies,
    Sat'day trips round Boyess and the prams outside of Woolie's.
    I miss those bobbers' clogs at two, that very fishy smell,
    Langham and Eureka, and Picky Park as well.

    I miss those little gardens with sooty coloured roses,
    Little kids with wellies on, with yellow snotty noses.
    I miss those shotgun weddings, those little corner shops,
    Playing football in the street and getting chased by cops.

    I miss those brave young fisher kids, coming home to shore,
    Spending all their money, then going back for more.
    I even miss Criterion—a very quiet pub—
    And a little lass from Subway Street our kid put in the club.

    I miss Sat'days at the Boulevard. we always used to win,
    With the Drake twins, Tommy Harris, Mick Scott and Tommy Finn,
    Loose forward Johnny Whiteley—the finest in the land—
    And the best-behaved supporters, we were there on Three-penny Stand.

    There was Havelock and Gillett Street, West Dock and Boulevard.
    They're pulling them all down now. It's hitting people hard.
    They've left it all behind them, and on to Bransholme strode,
    But I bet they don't forget the laughs, the tears on Hessle Road.

    I remember what me dad said, when I was leaving home
    To fend for meself and start a family of my own.
    He said, "I brought you up, son, but nowt to me is owed.
    Just remember where you come from. You're a kid from Hessle Road."