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    Hula Boat Care - What Rocks Your Boat...?


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    Hula Boat Care:

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    Whether you are protecting new or like-new surfaces or you are trying to restore that lost luster to your boat, you will find that Hula Boat Care products out perform your highest expectations.

    Hi. My name is John Lakkis, I’m the owner of the Hula BoatCare. When we started the company our primary focus was to give enthusiasts, professional grade products, no different than what was used at boat dealerships and professional detailers. We learned that enthusiasts through the use of internet sites have become more and more educated and willing to try professional grades, and get a what you see is what you get, finish.

    Many believe that to get professional grade results you need to buy professional grade packaging sizes. We’re very proud at Hula BoatCare to provide professional grade formulas, conveniently package for the retail e