HBK Owns Hogan & Masters

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Shawn Michaels is in the middle of cutting a promo on Hulk Hogan after his loss at Summerslam, when Chris Masters comes out and ends up getting owned himself.


q : what did the 5 fingers say to the face?

a : SLAP!!!!

thats was... cold blooooooooodeeeeead!!!!
By Peter Daye 2 years ago
Classic HBK....hehe

"The problem with you kids today is, you don't know enough to know....that you don't know.....you know???....You'll get that one tomorrow".........LMFAO!

Proud HBK fanatic!!!
By TakerHBKfan95 5 years ago
Yes he is the SexyBoy!!!!!!!! x
By LegendGiggs11 5 years ago
God Shawn is so funny! His expressions make me laugh:)

wow! big deal... Masters has a nice body.... Shawn is still super sexy!

Legendary Shawn Michaels forever, he loves us fans!
By LegendGiggs11 5 years ago
Posted by Mizzou10: "But when it came time to do Legend vs Icon II, Hogan had a "knee injury" HBK will always be better then Hogan"

Is his 'knee injury' the same as Shawns when it came to him having to drop the title to Bret at WM13? Shawn's ego is just as big as hogans, and he's twice as unprofessional for not losing to Bret at WM13! He shouldve returned the favour of WM12, and people wonder why Bret didnt want to lose to him at SS97?
By matt86 6 years ago
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