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    Revolutionari Romani Protestand - Guvernul Romaniei(26.Iunie.2013)(3)

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    Interviu cu Revolutionarul Roman Walter Simionov in fata Guvernului Romaniei in Bucuresti,in data de 26.Iunie.2013.

    Deus Human Revolution - 1989 ROMANIA
                         File no. 1/PJ/2003 (FED.) 11.02.2003 Conclusion of TB - Section 3 Civil directed by 20.02 End of 2003
                        (Last change 19.03.2009 File 42012/3/2008 conclusion of Congress on 05 September 2008) Registered
                         No item in the Special Register. 9/18.02.2003. Headquarters in Bucharest, Stelea Spătaru, No.17, sc.A, ap.2, Sector 3.
                      President Dorin Lazar Maior - tel: 0732.026348, Tel / fax: 0268 41 2:12
                                                                                                                No.. 59 / 06.22.2013.

    C O M U N I C A T

          Revolutionary associations across the country, meeting under the auspices of the National Revolutionary Bloc legally represented by Mr. President Dorin Lazar Maior unanimously decided that on 26.06.2013, from 10.00, in front of the museum Antipas, will be a revolutionary protest in Romania, where there is legal authorization protest.
          In this respect ROMANIA inform you that revolutionaries are expected to participate in large numbers as possible.


    January. - Implementing payment immediately, the legal indemnities in sign
             gratitude, by Law no. 341/2004,
    February. - The Law no. 341/2004, of gratitude to
             hero-martyrs and fighters who helped the Romanian Revolution
             December 1989
    Three. - Compliance with the protocol signed on 02.09.2011 between PSD and
             NBR 1989
    April. - Elimination, the term "quack, pronounced acute current government,
             in terms that they are among the revolutionary and one in the
             sense, but not proven,
    May. - To neaducere to implement the provisions Mr. Deputy Prime Minister
             Liviu Nicolae DRAGNEA on determining the number of revolutionaries and
             legal rights for their meeting on 04.24.2013.,
             Mr require dismissal immediately. Secretary of State SSPR - Socaciu Victor.
    June. - Vis-à-vis the foregoing, I propose that a delegation of Heads
       revolutionary associations to have a meeting with Prime Minister Ponta.
    Please presence of as many of the revolutionaries, even if you're part of the NBR 1989.
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