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    It is the total amount of time taken by the call. In case of lower ACD, it is expected
    that the quality of the connection is not good enough for the subscriber to continue
    the call.
    Post Dial Delay (PDD)
    On dialing phone number, either there is a ring or busy tone that tells us that whether
    the called party is available or not. The time elapsed between dialing a number and
    hearing a tone is referred to as Post Dial Delay (PDD). In case of higher PDD, it is
    expected that there is no dial tone for the subscriber to initiate a call.
    Answer-Seize Ratio (ASR)
    It is the ratio between the successful calls and the attempted calls that cannot be
    answered for any reason. In case of lower ASR, it is expected that the route provided
    to the call is choked-up for the subscribers to make phone calls.