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    Can`t Let Shahrukh Khan, Akshay Kumar Play Shaktimaan - Mukesh Khanna

    Bollywood Live

    by Bollywood Live

    Actor Mukesh Khanna, who became popular after playing superhero in 'Shaktimaan', is coming up with a 75-minute telefilm titled 'Hamaara Hero Shaktimaan', in which he plays Shaktimaan again. He says only he can play `Shaktimaan`.
    "I can`t make Akshay Kumar Shaktimaan, I can`t let Ajay Devgn play Shaktimaan. They are good actors. I can`t even let Shah Rukh Khan play Shaktimaan because they don`t have the image that I have," the 54-year-old said.
    "So I have to do this (play Shaktimaan) and I would say that I have that audacity to play Shaktimaan again because there was nobody before Mukesh Khanna," he added.