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    Uttarakhand floods: 73 pilgrims return to Satara


    by TimesNow

    For those who have returned to their homes after the nightmare in Uttarakhand it has been an emotional homecoming. Greeted with tears by their families the Char Dham pilgrims are acutely aware that they have narrowly escaped nature's fury. It was a emotional homecoming for this group in Satara.

    They travelled all the way to Gangotri & Uttakarshi but did not once see what was to come. Vijay Taru, a survivor of the Uttarakhand floods said, "We halted in a district which was between Gangotri and Yamnotri. When we were on our way,our pantry van got stuck and they sounded us about the situation. We were told there is a landslide.We were told the the same thing about the situation by other people."

    Stranded in Uttarakhand for 10 straight days these familes have finally reunited with their loved ones. They shudder even at the thought of the days spent in Uttarakahnd.

    Even as the group of 73 people recount their horror that the devastion caused in Uttaarakhand, there are many still desperately waiting for help hoping to be rescued.