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    Father and Son Dispute Turns into Public Car Smashing Battle

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    A CCTV recording has captured a feud between and father and a son. The two family members took their domestic battle to the streets of a Chinese city.

    Getting behind the wheel can help some blow off some steam, but in other cases, it can do the opposite.

    A CCTV camera in China has captured a feud between and father and a son.

    Each male was in a separate car, one driving a Mercedes while the other was operating a BMW. The two vehicles were seemingly trying to overtake one another. The driver of the Benz went even further when he backed up and intentionally smashed the BMW.

    The drivers then turned the battle into a road worthy game of bumper cars as they took turns crashing into each other. The car fight lasted several minutes and all of it was caught on film.

    Once the smash fest was over, the operator of the BMW got out of the car and left the scene. The Mercedes owner then followed suit and chased after his relative. Both vehicles were left abandoned and seriously damaged in the middle of the street.

    Police were able to locate the two and confirm the relationship between them is father and son.