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    Lou Manfredini and 3M TEKK Protection Brand Offer

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    ST. PAUL, Minn., June 20, 2013 – With warmer weather upon us, millions of American DIYers will be dusting off their lawn mowers to get their lawns and gardens looking lush and beautiful. According to a new survey by 3M TEKK Protection Brand and the National Safety Council*, many may not be aware of the dangers that are lurking each time they rev up those small engines.

    In fact, more than one in three DIYers (39 percent) report injuries from using a lawn mower with eye and ear injuries topping the list. Yet while 45 percent say they are concerned about getting injured, 57 percent never wear ear protection and 43 percent never protect their eyes.

    “Smart preparation can make all the difference when you’re taking on outdoor projects this season,” said Manfredini, host of HouseSmarts TV and home improvement contributor on NBC’s The Today Show. “Whether you’re doing routine tasks like mowing the lawn or spreading fertilizer, it’s important to protect yourself with the proper safety gear.”

    Manfredini provides these tips to help keep outdoor DIYers safe and protected this lawn and garden season.