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    Shangri La- How to get Double Tap in Shangri La Zombies


    by mcsportzhawk

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    Power Turn On

    Perk Locations

    New Weapon! SpikeMores!

    Juggernog/Speed Cola Locations


    FIRE Zombie!

    Shangri La- Tips, Tricks, Strategies

    How to PACK-A-PUNCH any weapon!

    Survival Techniques

    Easter Eggs- Radio #1

    Bowie Knife and Semtex Locations

    Night Time Easter Egg!

    Reservoir Waterfall Trap

    FIRST SOLO ATTEMPT on Shangri La (mcsportzhawk)

    How to kill the NEPALM/FIRE Zombie

    In this video:
    Shangri La- How to get Double Tap in Shangri La Zombies
    Shangri La- How to get Double Tap in Shangri La Zombies
    Shangri La- How to get Double Tap in Shangri La Zombies

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