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    bir bulut olsam-episode 1 part1 urdu subtitles


    by EnginAkyurekFansPakistan

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    'Bir Bulut Olsam series' starring Engin Akyurek with urdu subtitles for pakistani fans.
    subtitles are in roman urdu for easy reading for south asian viewers.
    Series revolves around Mustafa Bulut (engin) and Narin (melissa) who are married by family elders. Mustafa is deeply and obsessively in love with Narin who does not love him and wishes to be free from him. mustafa suffers mental pain while narin physical due to this unconsummated and tragic loveless marriage. Mustafa forcefully binds her to him with chains so she wont run away. He tries to win her love in vain. Narin does not accept mustafa her cousin as he is related by blood to her. Mustafa in a moment of impulse shoots Narin to end this pain for them both with tragic unexpected consequences. The new doctor Serdar moves to town and seeks to seperate them both and relieve them both of this painful situation while falling in love with Narin in the process.Will Narin survive, will Mustafa win her love, will Serdar confess his love or will all three burn in in thier fire of passion,failure and obsession? A painfully tragic love triangle story with unforgettable performance by Engin Akyurek.