Nagron--"Our Song" (Lyric Video)

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This is but humble tribute to the lovers, Agron and Nasir.

Nagron in a lyric video of Our Song by the xx. Enjoy!

Spartacus is a great show and it's DEFINITELY worth the cost of subscription to Starz. Steven DeKnight joins Joss Whedon in having me as a fan for life! Both are steadfast advocates for being true to their characters and breathing life into them despite what homophobes demand.

Homophobes, let me save you some time: I will delete your hateful comments, but only after laughing at your bigoted stupidity. I mean, you think an anonymous rant on the internet amounts to anything?

I don't monetize these videos. This tribute is only that, a tribute! As such, I seek NO financial gain.

I own nothing herein portrayed! All rights remain with their respective holders! No infringement intended or perpetrated!