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    3D Model of the Human Brain Created

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    by Geo Beats

    A high-resolution 3D digital model of the human brain  has been created for use by neurologists. Dubbed BigBrain, the model has been called a 'Google Earth' for the human brain.

    Much of how the human brain works remains a mystery to scientists.

    Now, a high-resolution 3 dimensional digital model of the human brain has been created for use by neurologists.
    Dubbed Big Brain, the model has been called a Google Earth for the human brain.

    Professor Paul Fletcher from Cambridge University said: “We will be able to study the responses seen in people and map it on to an atlas that goes close to the individual layers of the brain's cortex, to the very cells themselves.”

    To create the model, researchers took 74 hundred sections that were half the width of a human hair from the brain of a 65 year old woman.

    It took a decade to finish, but 80 billion neurons have been mapped out for researchers to use as a study resource.

    Another research initiative, called the Human Connectome Project involved scanning detailed images of the human brain at the Massachusetts General Hospital.

    They are using one of the most powerful scanners on the planet to make a 3 dimensional image of a person’s brain.