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    Drake "Jodeci Freestyle"
    Drake "The Motion"
    Migos "Versace" Ft. Drake:
    PARTYNEXTDOOR Ft Drake "Over Here": - Visit our website! - Facebook Fan Page! - Follow Us!
    The beginning of Summer now feels like a Holiday- Drake unexpectedly drops four new songs along with a trailer for his new album which sees him taking shots out of his brand new Grammy Award! Hey guys thanks for finding ClevverMusic for all your music news. Hot off the heels of a video showing rapper Drake getting denied from the Miami Heat locker room after they won the NBA championship last week, Drake has shifted the media's focus back to his music. Yeah, we think he did that on purpose! The 26-year-old has dropped a five minute trailer for his upcoming album "Nothing Was the Same" showing him unwrapping a package in his man cave with his crew. The package unveils his Best Rap Album Grammy Award that he recently won for "Take Care" and what does Drake immediately do? Takes shots of beer out of it. Drizzy takes two "shots" out of it to celebrate and then insists that his pals do the same. But Drake's not done, he takes a couple more himself. Ironically, he's wearing his "Take Care" t-shirt that day and in the clip we see Drake get emotional over the Grammy's arrival, tearing up a bit. Drake tells his pals he's gonna put the Grammy at his Mom's house to keep it safe. At the end of the trailer the Young Money rapper reflects, "I always said I'd get one of these ya know and I got it... When does it stop?"Cute to see Drake get expressive over the award and he should it's a big deal! So along with this video Drake dropped four new tracks but we're not sure if they'll be on his upcoming third album "Nothing Was the Same". Drake tweeted the release date for the album writing simply in all caps, "NOTHING WAS THE SAME SEPTEMBER 17TH". The four new tracks he dropped include "Jodeci Freestyle" featuring J. Cole and "The Motion" featuring Sampha. The remaining two tracks are not original Drake songs, we got PARTYNEXTDOOR's "Over Here" featuring Drake and a remix of Migo's "Versace" by Drake. The tracks are all a little different, my fav is the feature on PARTYNEXTDOOR'S track, I'll link to all four below so you can check them out. So listen to the new tracks and tell me what you think and what you think of Drizzy drinking outta his Grammy's?! I'm your music friend Misty KIingma see you soon with more music updates.