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It seems the world can't get enough of Miley Cyrus twerking, now inspiring a hilarious new song by the Ying Yang Twins! What's good? Happy Monday ya'll here's some music news right here on ClevverMusic. Over the weekend Atlanta duo The Ying Yang Twins dropped an entire song called "Miley Cyrus" written about Miley Cyrus' booty and her now famous twerking skills. 20-year-old Miley set the Internet on fire when a twerking video of her in an animal suit went viral, more headlines twerking at a Juicy J concert here in LA, and she's twerking in her recent "We Can't Stop" music video. Now the former Disney star has her very own hip hop track written about it. On the official Ying Yang twitter account Sunday night, June 23, the guys tweeted, "RT We are about to turn some heads!!" And they did. Releasing the obviously titled track "Miley Cyrus" and the lyrics to the song are pretty awesome. It starts with, "All the Miley Cyrus' around the world, this is for you!" Then chants her name over and over again in various auto tuned voices. Other favorite lyrics from the song include, "Do the Miley Cyrus and get low!" So now twerking is called 'The Miley Cyrus'? We'll see. And I personally love the line, "With her camel toe, she steal the show!" However, camel toes are not a requirement of twerking, a dance that supposedly originated in the Southern hip-hop scene. The Ying Yang Twins refer to themselves as the "leaders of twerk" so it all makes sense why they dropped this track. Not to mention they are prepping an upcoming mixtape titled, "Ass in Session". Miley Cyrus hasn't responded to this song yet, so we're not sure she's heard it. But if we had to guess, we think she would like it- c'mon now she kinda asked for it, right? Please be advised though, this is not a PG song intended for minors. So please use caution when listening. Do you think the song is genius or are the Ying Yang Twins capitalizing on Miley's recent success and musical comeback? Tell me your expert opinion and I'll get more music news ready for her right here on ClevverMusic.