CO Transgender Girl Can Use Girl's Bathroom

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Colorado's civil rights office found that the school district discriminated against 6-year-old Coy Mathis by preventing her from using the girl's bathroom at her elementary school. (June 24)

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Sad & sick.

This little boy, and let's get that straight right now, he IS a little boy is a male human dealing with Gender Identity Disorder. Gender dysphoria is a very real MEDICAL disorder accompanied by psychological complications the understanding of which is still very controversial and the treatment of which is still in the infancy of development.

The whole Jaz thing is bad enough but we're talking about a small child here an & not a teen. Conditions like this need to be understood first & then treated. You don't "fix" medical & psychological disorders with hugs & dresses.

If your child thought he was Superman would you sew him a cape, give him some red underwear and let him jump of your roof? No you'd do some serious reality testing & when you determined that he truly believed that, that it wasn't just pretend or fantasy, you'd get his ass to a doctor before he jumped out in front of a car or something. I don't propose to know what the best course of treatment is but I know it's NOT to embrace & feed into the psychosis.

15-25 years from now they'll probably identify the cause as some genetic defect & at least a few of these people are going to be running around wishing they had had a little more time to think about things before they had their original hardware cut off.

The parents are uninformed & misled, the kid needs professional help both mentally & physically and the lawyer should be barred from practice for taking advantage of them all to forward his own agenda.
By Mr Pottymouth February