Ash Ketchum - Sora's Theme [For xPieTastic]

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For some reason, Youtube is an ass and keeps blocking this video. So I am uploading it here and will post a link to youtube.

Original Description: April 19, 2013:
Hey Angel! Remember when you told me that Sora's theme sounded like Pokemon music when I showed you his theme? Well surprise! 8D As a random cheer up present for you, I decided to make you a small Ash Ketchum tribute to Sora's theme! That's why I was quiet for an hour on skype! Because I wanted to keep this a surprise for you! :D Feel better soon because no matter what anyone else says you are AMAZING, okay? Love you girl! :) Hope you enjoy the surprise viddie! :3

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yay now i can see it too 8D
By michelleAMVs last year