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    Pokemon X and Y [Rom] 3DS Download Installer only 1000 beta testers![REAL working]


    door dm_51c8691df28d8

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    Gabriel Rodrigues
    Retarded fake, just dont download its just a survey
    Door Gabriel Rodrigues2 jaren geleden
    creepypastafun44 not going to downloade cuz it may have virus...
    Door creepypastafun443 jaren geleden
    Just in case it isn't obvious, its a total fake. Don't download it. It's either malware or some virus. Case in point? That background the launcher had is fan made. I can't give you the link because of dailymotion's spam detector, but search google for arkeis-pokemon. The image is copyright to him. Secondly, an emulator wouldn't NEED a launcher in the first place. Especially to download additional stuff from some obscure third party website. It would all come prepackaged. Just close the tab and walk away.
    Door OnceUponAnOddity3 jaren geleden