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    Bob Hope's All Star Comedy Bithday Party -1980

    Transcription of the dialogue between Bob Hope and Andy Gibb:

    BOB HOPE: In the highly competitive pop record business few performers have had the same knack of turning wax into gold and platinum as the young man you are about to meet.

    All the way from Down Under, here's the hottest selling import to hit our shores since the Toyota, Mr Andy Gibb right here!

    I'm glad you're here Andy. You're the most exciting thing to hit this teenage market since the printed Tshirt.

    ANDY GIBB: Bob, I really appreciate that, especially coming from a fellow Englishman. Did you know I was born in England too?

    BOB HOPE: Yes, that's right. You may have been born in England but I happen to know you were raised in Australia.

    ANDY GIBB: In Australia.

    BOB HOPE: Australia

    ANDY GIBB: That's right, Bob. Have you ever been to Australia?

    BOB HOPE: We take the show there and I loved it. You got to see koalas, kiwi birds, wallabies and tasmanian devils.

    ANDY GIBB: Oh, you visited the Outback?

    BOB HOPE: Huh?

    ANDY GIBB: Oh, you visited the Outback?

    BOB HOPE: No, I made the mistake of drinking their beer.

    BOB HOPE: And the people of Australia are so nice, especially for a non-English speaking country.

    ANDY GIBB: What do you mean, Bob? Australians speak the King's English.

    BOB HOPE: They do? Then they don't have much luck with commoners. Whenever I hailed a taxi, no matter what I told the cabby they always took me to the airport.

    ANDY GIBB: Australians have also been to see your movies too.

    BOB HOPE: This kid has all the tact of Hodding Carter the Third. Andy Gibb, ladies and gentlemen, right there!