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    K-News - Mewtwo for Smash & Kingdom Hearts 3 Wii U news


    by knightwing01

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    Capcom says Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara, will be coming to Wii U. But, there's been a mix-up on Nintendo's side. Christian Svensson from Capcom Unity say's we are waiting on a code approval from Nintendo. Translation they don't know when it will release.

    Masahiro Sakuri (SORA LTD.) says they are thinking about adding Mewto for Super Smash Bros. Wii U & 3DS. Though nothing to announce at this time.

    In other news. Square-enix reveals why Kingdom Hearts 3 and the next Final Fantasy won't come to Wii U. The answer is, the U doesn't use Direct X 11. Thanks Nintendo. Square said that is the only reason, because it would take to long to port for the U.

    Hey Wii U owners, New Super Luigi U is now on the Nintendo Wii U Eshop, for only 19.99. Also an Update released for New Super Mario Bros U, that lets you use the U Pro controller too.

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