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    Rashtrapati Bhawan at night


    by WildFilmsIndia

    The President's Bodyguard is an elite household cavalry regiment of the Indian Army. It is senior-most in the order of precedence of the units of the Indian Army. The primary role of the President's Bodyguard is to escort and protect the President of India which is why the regiment is based in the Rashtrapati Bhawan in New Delhi, India. It is equipped as a mounted unit, with horses for ceremonies at the presidential palace and BTR-60 vehicles for use in combat. The personnel of the regiment are also trained as paratroopers and nominally are expected to lead in airborne assaults in the role of pathfinders.

    President Pranab Mukherjee presented the Silver Trumpet and Trumpet Banner to the elite President's Bodyguard (PBG) in a colourful ceremony held at Rashtrapati Bhavan.

    The ceremony began when the President arrived in his ceremonial horse carriage. He was given the national salute by the PBG personnel after which he reviewed the parade from a special vehicle.

    The Trumpet ceremony happens every time a new President takes office. Pranab Mukherjee became the country's 12th head of the state to present the award to the elite forces.

    The Trumpet and Trumpet Banner is carried on subsequent mounted parades by the PBG. The Banner bears the symbols of the State Emblem with the initials of the President in the centre.

    The ceremony has been in existence since 1923 when Lord Reading awarded two trumpets when the elite force completed its 150 years. PBG was formed by the first Governor General of India Warren Hastings in 1773 who chose 50 handpicked men to create the elite force.

    Source: Wikipedia

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