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    0 - Yamani Studies Objectives

    أنيس غني

    by أنيس غني


    Who is the Yamani? What does he offer? Why do we need him? What's so special about this call? What do we do once we have accepted his call?

    These are the objectives of the Yamani Studies series of videos and a very brief intro into who Syed Ahmad al Hasan al Yamani (as) is. This video has actually been produced for a forthcoming series of workshops in the UK and is being uploaded here and also on the website to help people if they are looking for a structure to start off their own da'wah sessions. It is of utmost importance to start with the Will as already explained by the Yamani (as) himself.

    Please remember to visit the Yamani's facebook page at and give priority to reading his books and building yourselves up as opposed to getting distracted by the enormous number of videos out there on the web.

    The Yamani wants free thinkers and not just people who follow blindly.

    "This series of videos has been produced to lead you, the viewer, to a new phenomenon: the call of Syed Ahmad al Hasan al Yamani (as).

    It came about when a small group of truth seekers came together

    This group had spent the best part of their lives looking for the path to Allah (swt) and journeying through world religions and Islamic sects until they reached the Yamani (as) with the grace of Allah.

    Descended from Muhammad bin al Hasan al Askari (as) the Yamani has raised the banner of the Prophet Muhammad and his family (peace be upon them all), thus reviving religion.

    His call is universal so he belongs to no sect - he calls you to the just government of Allah and denounces all flawed manmade governments.

    Thousands of people worldwide have experienced visions, dreams and miracles to support him and each person's story is unique.

    His characteristics exemplify those of his forefathers before him.

    These are just some of the Yamani's credentials:

    He is the Ahmad whose name is written in the Will of Rasulullah
    He is the Mahdi of the end times in the books of the Sunnis
    He is the Yamani in the books of the Shi'ahs and first of the 313
    He is the designated messenger and executor of Imam Mahdi
    He was the lookalike who was crucified in place of Jesus son of Mary (pbuh)
    He is the messenger sent by Jesus (pbuh) to the Chrisitians
    He is the messenger from Elijah (pbuh) to the Jews
    He bears the weapon of Aali Muhammad which is their knowledge
    He is most knowledgeable about the Qur'an after the Imams
    He will scatter the 25 remaining parts of knowledge
    He is the custodian of the correct Qur'anic recitation
    He has clarified the allegorical verses of the Qur'an
    He will spread justice in the East and the West
    Unity can only be achieved under his banner
    His back bears the seal of prophethood and he is supported by the angels