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    18. Yamani Series 2 Part 6 - The Husain of your era

    أنيس غني

    by أنيس غني

    Having knowledge of Imam Husain (as) should not result simply crying and lamenting for him but it should result in living according to his principles and supporting the Husain of our era - Syed Ahmad al Hasan al Yamani (as). Therefore, we call upon all majalis holders to a) stop asking for cash for those majalis, b) give up their ritualistic styles of majalis, c) stop disgracing the ahlulbayt by having children sit on minbars and d) let go of your fake scholars and e) learn more about Syed Ahmad al Hasan al Yamani-as, then support him.

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    This video contains an excerpt from the Hajj Sermon with the voice of the Yamani himself, all other voiceovers are provided by Ansar. The translation of any Arabic is done by us.