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    Hyssop Tea for Cleansing: Lloyd Wright, Author of Hepatitis C: Guide for Health, on Hyssop Tea for Detox, Energy & Cleansing

    E.B. GO Vision Media

    by E.B. GO Vision Media

    Lloyd Wright, author of the just released Hepatitis C: A Do-It Yourself Guide for Health, talks about cleansing with hyssop. It can cleanse the system, provide energy and promote a vibrantly healthy attitude. Hyssop is a remarkable herb and should be considered by everyone with hepatitis C. Hyssop is mentioned more times in the Bible than any other herb. In the book of Genesis 1-30, God spoke of giving mankind herb-bearing seed, in Ezekiel 47-12 it is written, "And the fruit thereof shall be meat, and the leaf thereof for medicine."

    In the first Passover described in the book of Exodus, Moses gave a detailed account of the rituals where hyssop was used as a cleansing herb to protect the household. The Bible also records that hyssop was used to clean lepers. Hippocrates used hyssop to treat pleurisy. I suggest a hyssop tea cleanse once a month. Drink 2 quarts per day for 3 days; avoid meat and dairy during cleanse.

    About Lloyd Wright:

    Lloyd Wright attended UCLA for undergraduate work and continued his formal education at Cal Lutheran University majoring in Administration of Justice.

    Lloyd's background in Natural Medicine began early in life, as his mother was "the Health Food Fanatic" of the 1950's. Lloyd's longstanding interest in Natural Medicine was further fueled as nearly everyone in his family has had cancer and most have died from it.

    Lloyd contracted Hepatitis C in 1979 from four blood transfusions and a liver biopsy in 1994 revealed Chronic Hepatitis C. After a bout with cancer and the conventional treatments Lloyd went through for his cancer therapy, Lloyd's liver was in bad shape. The medical establishment advised Lloyd to get his papers in order and expect to live another 3 to 5 years, and hope something would come along to help.

    Standing up against a legion of medical doctors who insisted Interferon was the only way, he researched the disease and proved them wrong. Through extensive research, and his studies with the highly regarded Dr. John Finnegan, ND, Lloyd created a combination of herbal and glandular remedies that cured him completely of Hepatitis C.

    His successful cure coupled with the trauma he experienced while in the hands of medical doctors spurred him to write a book documenting his story and his cure, Triumph Over Hepatitis C. This book has received worldwide recognition and is helping thousands of people to heal themselves. As a Hepatitis C researcher and author, Lloyd has developed more substantial credentials than most doctors or scientists who are often paid by big drug companies.

    Through this book, a best seller on the web, and his popular website,, Lloyd has reached thousands of people all over the world. This website has one of the most successful Alternative Medicine pharmacies on the internet which provides life-saving, superior quality products to both doctors and patients for Hepatitis C, Cancer, Autoimmune diseases, etc. Those who have tried his program have reported great improvement, while some have reported no longer having a viral load at all.

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