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    Moebius E3 Trailer by Pinkerton Road

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    Malachi Rector has a photographic memory and a genius for history. He’s parlayed that skill into a lucrative career evaluating antiques for prestigious auction houses. But when a secret government agency called F.I.S.T. (Future Intelligence Science & Technology) hires him to look into the life of a dead woman, Malachi realizes that there may be a deeper level to history, and even to space and time, than he ever suspected.

    In his quest to solve the enigma, Malachi will visit Venice, Cairo, Paris, Zurich, and D.C.. He will escape attempts on his life and explore underground fortresses. Who was the dead woman? What role did she have to play in history that made her a target? Malachi also learns that he has his own destiny to fulfill—if he can survive.

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