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    Arma 2: DayZ Sahrani │ Season 1 │ Part 7 │ "Cover of Darkness!"


    by EireBornFenix

    This is DayZ on the map called Sahrani and it has recently come available to download on dayz commander so I said i'd give it a go! In DayZ Sahrani you will survive on the Island or Sahrani (duh) It's a map comprised of 2 main islands with a city-bridge and one smaller island far off the coast! New buildings, weapons, vehicles, skins and more have been added to enhance your experience (In relation to vanilla DayZ)! The following season starts in the north island's airfield and throughout the rest of the map. We encounter bandits and survivors alike while having a lot of banter along the way.

    ☣ DayZ Sahrani Playlist:

    DayZ Sahrani Website: (Get it on DayZ Commander, it's easier :P)

    ☢ Key Features: • New Map, • Cities, • New Skins,

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