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    Three Useful Tricks for Making Yourself Feeling Full

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    Not knowing when to stop eating can be a real problem when it comes to shedding pounds. Here are three unusual tricks to make your tummy feel fuller and avoid overeating.

    Not knowing when to stop eating is one of the key reasons for weight gain. Here are three unusual and easy tricks to make yourself feel fuller and avoid overeating according to

    Number 3 – Eat from a heavier dish or bowl. A study published in Food Quality and Preference found that when researchers served participants the same amount of yogurt in bowls of differing weights, people rated the yogurt in the heavier bowls as more dense and flavorful. Participants also ate less since they felt more satisfied.

    Number 2 – Use a smaller fork during mealtime. Research findings from the University of Utah concluded that people ate 21% less when eating with a small fork. Using a tiny fork meant eaters had to take more bites, allowing them to eat slower. It also gave them more time to feel full.

    Number 1 – Here’s an easy trick.. serve yourself in a smaller sized dish. Researchers at Cornell University discovered that study participants ate 31% more ice cream when eating from a larger bowl. The reason is simple. People commonly finish whatever is on their plate or in their bowl whether they feel full or not.