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    We're loving Nicki Minaj's new collaboration with Nelly and Pharrell "Get Like Me"! Hey guys you're watching a music news video here on ClevverMusic. Rapper Nelly has dropped a hot new single featuring Pharrell and our girl Nicki Minaj called "Get Like Me". The track has a percussion heavy island feel and is all about bragging rights. Nelly and Pharrell take turns seductively rapping throughout the entire song, "All ya'll wanna get like me/ You know it you know it". Our favorite line from Nelly tell us he wants some credit from the industry saying, "See the whole rap game sounded like me". Nicki continues the cocky sentiment rapping, "All these hoes wanna get like me/ Get their own speakers and some pros like me/ When I'm at the game, all the pros like me/ Bitch I'm a pro, ain't a ho like me". The fresh track will appear on Nelly's upcoming seventh album titled "M.O." due out later this year. The album will also feature Nelly Furtado (yes two Nelly's!), Wiz Khalifa, T.I. and more. But Nicki and Pharrell both seem to be the hot cats to collaborate with right now: Pharrell being featured on Daft Punk and Robin Thicke tracks and Nicki featured on Justin Bieber, Ciara and more. We talked to Nelly after he performed on The Voice finale this week, so check that out to see what he says about working with Nicki Minaj! There's a link in the description. So guys, here's your homework: watch my Nelly interview, listen to the his new track and leave us a comment! I'll stop talking so you can get to it, enjoy. I'm Misty Kignma, thanks for watching ClevverMusic.