Shailene Woodley May Not Return For 'The Amazing Spider-Man 3'

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So, just yesterday we got word that Shailene Woodley was getting booted from The Amazing Spiderman 2, with the assumption that she would then comeback as Mary Jane Watson in the newly slatted Spiderman 3 movie, which was recently set for June 10, 2016. However, The Wrap has learned from a source close to the project that Woodley may not be coming back to the Spiderman franchise at all, and that her commitments to her upcoming sci-fi movie franchise, Divergent, will likely conflict with a Spiderman 3 shooting schedule. Divergent is a new young adult franchise adapted from novels written by Veronica Ruth, an adaption that is similar to that of The Hunger Games, and Woodley will be starring as Beatrice Prior, a teenager who doesn't fit inside the parameters of a now homogenous society that divides people into factions. She decides to put her fate in her own hands, and trains to become a part of a faction that she chooses. Now, production has already begun on Divergent in Chicago, with a March 2014 release date planned. But, there are plans to turn the film into a trilogy, which will likely take all of Woodley's time over the next several years. So, if Woodley doesn't come back to The Amazing Spiderman Franchise, who would you all like to see play Mary Jane in the part 3? Leave us your top picks below, and be sure to follow us on twitter too at ClevverMovies, and be sure to tweet us your favorites there as well.
From Hollywood, Im Erin White, and we will see you next time!