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Modern Warfare 5 vs 1 Search and Destroy (+RAP)

4 years ago57 views

Want to thank all my subscribers, you guys are awesome!!!

Hey, yo this is your boy messing on the track,
Using my P90, yeah, this beast is wack.
As a matter of fact
These fools couldnt attack
Me, instead they probably should have, held back.

Now I aint saying that Im a pro or MLG
Just stating the fact that these bitches couldnt kill me.
Hey I even had to use an SMG,
So Ian, mate, no need to hate on me.

So this is it, three V one
I aint scared, ha im the one with the gun.
To me this was fun, wasnt getting outdone,
Checking my corners, right to left as I get the bomb.

Cos I am the bomb,
you dont wanna ignite me,
Cos ill blow up in your face with my silenced p90

Yeah, yeah, it aint over, alright, lets do this.

Bang, 42 seconds is all I got
To make sure I survived or didnt get shot.
I look at this guy, man, what is he doing?
Thinking that im there, man he must be trippin.

2 dead only 1 left to go.
Noob tubing my ass, man, that aint the way to go.
So I return and take my revenge, and guess what?
Yeah, you dead Amigo.