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    Zack Bell #todaychanges


    by Orange

    Zach Bell is co-founder and COO at Share Practice, a collaborative clinical reference for doctors. Zach is focused on solving real problems with disruptive business models and appropriate technology. An entrepreneur, yoga teacher, traveler and surfer, Zach’s goal is to dissolve the separation between business acumen and a mindful lifestyle.

    Share Practice is dedicated exclusively to doctors who do not always have the opportunity to participate in seminars to stay informed and interact with other doctors. With this site, Zach therefore the challenge of making the open, decentralized and transparent medicine. According to him, thanks to social media, a doctor should be able to collaborate with colleagues, share best practices: a vote of confidence for the patient.

    And you, what do you think? Join the conversation #todaychanges

    Find Zach Bell on Twitter @Share_Practice and