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    Shoes, Kisses & Tippy the Bird - "Pretty Little Liars" Season 4 Episode 2 Recap "Turn of the Shoe"


    by ClevverTV

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    Pretty Little Liars got a little weird in the latest episode and we love it. The quote of the evening comes to us from mother-daughter pair, Ashley and Hanna, when Hanna says "I wanted him gone -- I'll probably go to Hell for saying that..." and her mom replies with "I hope not then you'll have to see him again." Har har, right?! The episode is titled "Turn of the Shoe" because we hear that the police have labeled the lake where Wilden's body turns up as a crime scene and they know that someone in high heels was present. And it's pretty clear that it was Hanna's mom who was there since she's got some seriously muddy shoes that she's ready to discard. Props to PLL production for totally ruining those Manolos for the sake of the show. A standout new storyline has to do with the introduction of Tippy the bird. It's Ali's old roomie who creepily talks in Alison's voice and repeats clues into what she was up to back in the day... In fact, the PLLers are trying to get more answers after realizing Tippy is singing a phone number. Leave it to our gloved mystery person at the end of every episode to steal away Tippy and feed the bird another bird. Cannibalism was forced upon poor Tipster. The girls still don't know who was that lady in black at Wilden's funeral. Hanna accuses Shawna of having something to do with the whole situation, and Shawna kinda steps up to Emily before the big swim meet, revealing that she too wants to take that empty spot on the Stanford team. Oh man, I forgot to mention that Spencer got denied from Penn... as the first person in her family to NOT attend the university. She's depressed, but we really feel the worst for Emily during this episode because her shoulder is injured while trying to protect Aria and Mona from getting hit by A, and then she's on so many painkillers during her meet, that she smacks her head on the pool edge. She's so out of it and it looks like her plans with Paige to attend Stanford together as roomies and lovers might be just a dream now. So when that injury went down, it kinda re-solidified the PLLer's relationship with Mona -- because they had started to question if she was on their side -- because they witnessed Mona getting choked by A -- just minutes after they realize Mona's lair AKA her trailer was stolen. Toby later opens up to Spencer that HE stole the rv -- in order to play A's game... and in return, he received transcripts from Radley about his mom... He believes that the facility is covering up something with her suicide and he's determined to figure it out. There was an awkward moment when Aria goes in for a kiss with her new martial arts instructor. She runs out and is freaking out in her car -- it's pretty hilarious, actually. Shoutout to Ryan Guzman for grabbing the role as hottie Jake. We have a feeling we'll be seeing more of him around Rosewood. Oh and we learn that Ali used to do a strange thing where she'd hold her breath until she faints -- just in order to get what she wants from her mom -- and apparently there are more mysteries from that one summer back in the day. Just like last week's episode, Hanna is rocking another cool belt at one point. And that was that for this latest PLL episode. What discoveries do you think were unveiled this week? And what do you think we'll learn from Tippy's phone number song? Post your thoughts and theories below and subscribe right now to ClevverTV for more PLL recaps, news and interviews. I'm Dana Ward, thanks for tuning in!

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