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    Remote Controlled Cockroach Developed for Research

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    A regular old roach is turned into a cyborg via the attachment of a chip “backpack’. Wires are surgically connected to its antennae, and then its actions can be controlled.

    If cockroaches could be controlled with an app and lead to scientific discovery, would they seem not so bad?

    Now’s the time to find out as a team of neuroscientists has made a RoboRoach for neurological research purposes.

    A regular old roach is turned into a cyborg via the attachment of a chip “backpack". Some wires are surgically connected to its antennae and then the insect's actions can be controlled.

    The method is similar to the one used to treat Parkinson’s disease and for cochlear implants.

    The inventors sees the technology as one that will allow insights into how the human brain works.

    It’s also hoped to become a training tool for those pursuing the neurological sciences.

    The goal is to make the roach kits an affordable and accessible study means. They are available for pre-order, and a Kickstarter campaign has been started to ensure future models can be offered at low prices.

    Notable is that in the device’s development and implementation, the inventors took into consideration how the cockroach would feel.

    As the roach adapts quickly, it’s believed that it doesn’t experience any trauma when being fitted with the pack.