The Birth Of A Brony: The fred2266 Story (Trailer)

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I had the HONOR to spend multiple hours today (Yesterday technically, since it's past Midnight now) making this video. It is a very special video for this channel. It is my 500th video, a milestone I never thought I'd reach, especially this quickly. I'd like to thank everyone for keeping me going for this long, never could have done it without you guys. For all your support and dedication, this is my treat, to you...

It is a trailer, for what I am calling "The Birth Of A Brony." You've probably heard me announce it already, but if not, then on June 21st, 2013, my one year anniversary of becoming a Brony, I will tell my story. I won't sugarcoat, and I won't leave a single thing out. It will be uncensored, and will include everything leading up to me becoming a fan of My Little Pony, and beyond that. It's basically a retrospect.

So, if you like listening to people's Brony stories, this will be mine, so please watch this video, and please join me in 15 days, for the most emotional and heart-warming video I will probably EVER release on this channel....this goes for my subscribers, and anyone who found this video and is interested; as long as you're a Brony, you'll enjoy my take on everything that has happened in the past almost a year. If you want to subscribe so you'll be ready when the video is released, I'd be honored if you do so. Thank you all, and I hope you enjoy.

Material used:

My Little Inception (For the first 6 seconds):

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Intro Music (All rights go to Nintendo):

Proud to be a Brony by BlackGryph0n:

Multiple My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic clips (All rights to Hasbro), and a few clips of fanmade works like "Cupcakes HD", "Double Rainboom", "", and "Flufflepuff Tales: Bubbles"

Alex S.' Glitch Remix of the Friendship is Magic Intro:

Oh yeah...and my dumb voice!

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