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    Thai Buddhist monks in private jet are big pimpin

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    Thailand's Buddhism authority said it is monitoring monks for inappropriate behavior after a Youtube video showed monks wearing aviator sunglasses, carrying an LV travel bag and rocking wireless headphones while flying on a private jet.

    The Office of National Buddhism in Thailand said on Monday that they had seen the video earlier this year and had warned the monks from Khantitham Temple in Sisaket province. The video has caused outrage among Buddhists within the country. Seems like these monks need a refresher course in Buddha's 2,600-year-old teachings, which stress that, "the core of those who preach Buddha's teachings is not to own any objects at all."

    In 2012 about 300 out of 61,416 Buddhist monks and novices in Thailand were disciplined. Some were booted from the monkhood due to misconduct for offences ranging from drinking alcohol to having sex with women to extortion. The Thai Buddhism office also got complaints about monks driving cars and pulling scams.

    The monk's temple has said it will explain, but only after the abbot from the video gets back from a religious tour to France. Wonder how that's going? Did these monks act inappropriately? Leave some comments.